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Our Central 2022 Winners

Empowering Business and Celebrating Excellence.

Central 2022

The Auckland Business Awards 2022 Central Regional Gala Dinner held on Thursday 3rd November 2022 was a night of celebration, recognition, and inspiration. With all 58 finalists in attendance, it was an evening that highlighted the exceptional achievements of the top businesses in the region. From start-ups to established companies, each finalist showcased their unique approach to business success, innovation, and excellence. The event was a true testament to the ingenuity, creativity, and perseverance that it takes to succeed in the dynamic and ever-changing business landscape.

Westpac, the principal sponsor for the 2022 awards programme, played a crucial role in making the event a success. Their long term support and commitment to the Auckland business community has been unwavering, enabling the awards to recognise and celebrate the achievements of the best and brightest businesses in the region – we thank them for their support. The Auckland Business Awards 2022 – Best of the Best ceremony was a testament to the excellence, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit that exists within the Auckland business community, and we look forward to seeing their continued success in the future.

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Celebrate our Central 2022 Winners

Central Category Winner

Best Emerging Business


Learn more about noissue

Central Category Winner

Excellence in Customer Service Delivery


Learn more about Paintvine

Central Category Winner

Excellence in Innovation


Learn more about Zilch

Central Category Winner

Excellence in Marketing


Learn more about ezyVet

Central Category Winner

People’s Choice


Learn more about BePure

Central Category Winner

Excellence in Strategy and Planning

Corporate Cabs

Learn more about Corporate Cabs

Central Category Winner

Excellence in International Trade


Learn more about Pushpay

Central Category Winner

Employer Of The Year

Griffiths Equipment

Learn more about Griffiths Equipment

Central Category Winner

Excellence in Community Contribution

Museum of Transport and Technology

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Central Category Winner

Supreme Business Excellence Award


Paintvine has achieved outstanding success and recognition in various categories, making it a highly successful business over the past 5 years. The company has consistently won multiple awards, including best emerging business, customer service delivery, marketing, and people’s choice.

Paintvine is a unique company that specialises in hosting enjoyable and imaginative paint-and-sip events, where customers can come together to create their own works of art while enjoying a glass of wine. The company has gained a reputation for providing exceptional customer service, which has helped to build a strong and loyal customer base, attracting new customers along the way.

In addition, Paintvine has excelled in marketing by utilising innovative strategies to promote its events and connect with customers. The company’s international trade efforts have also been highly successful, with Paintvine events being held in several countries.

Paintvine’s commitment to innovation and community contribution is also noteworthy. The company has created distinctive and imaginative event concepts that ensure customers return for more, while also supporting charitable initiatives that benefit the community.

Overall, Paintvine is an exceptional business that has demonstrated excellence in various areas, including customer service, marketing, and community contribution which is why they have been recognised as the Central Region Supreme Business Excellence Award winner, highlighting its remarkable success and recognition in the industry. If you haven’t already, experiencing their exceptional service and creativity at one of their paint-and-sip events is highly recommended.

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