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Employer Of The Year

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Entry Requirements

Recognises a business who’s exceptional people practices and culture, as well as demonstrating how employee well-being, safety, and development has contributed to the business’ outstanding success.  This can be recognised by their innovative leadership and approach to a safe and supportive workplace, as well as employee focused initiatives that create employee satisfaction.

More about this category

The Employer of the Year category is a highly sought-after award in the 2degrees Auckland Business Awards. It recognises businesses that are leaders in their industry and demonstrate exceptional people practices and culture. These businesses have created a safe and supportive workplace that focuses on employee well-being, safety, and development, which has contributed to their outstanding success. Moreover, they have implemented employee-focused initiatives that create high levels of employee satisfaction.

The Employer of the Year award is a testament to a business’s commitment to its employees and the value it places on their contributions to its success. By recognising businesses that excel in this area, the award inspires other businesses to follow suit and create similar working environments that foster employee well-being and development. The category also celebrates innovative leadership and approaches to safety and support, which contribute to creating an exceptional workplace culture. In summary, the Employer of the Year category celebrates the importance of employee well-being, safety, and development, as well as innovative leadership, and inspires businesses to create similar working environments in the Auckland business community.

Category Questions


How do the recruitment and retention practices of your business support its strategy and help to deliver success?


Describe initiatives you have implemented that create opportunities for employee learning, growth and engagement through career pathways or development of “masters in class”.


What practices and strategies do you have in place to reduce staff turnover? (eg: employee engagement programes, diversity and inclusion, pay equity, employee benefits etc.)


How do you demonstrate commitment to the health, safety and wellbeing of your employees?


Outline and explain other significant business achievements from the last 12-18 months (eg: project delivery, sales trends, sales figures, gross or net profit, etc). What do you attribute these to?

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