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Excellence in Innovation

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Entry Requirements

Excellence in Innovation recognises a business that has achieved success by identifying and then implementing an innovative idea. The innovation can be realised via a product, service, technology or process.

More about this category

The Excellence in Innovation category is another highly competitive category of the 2degrees Auckland Business Awards. This category recognises businesses that have successfully identified and implemented an innovative idea, resulting in significant success and growth. The innovation can take various forms, including new products, services, technologies or processes, but what matters most is the effectiveness of the idea and its impact on the business.

This category celebrates businesses that are not afraid to take risks and pursue creative solutions to challenges. It recognises the importance of innovation in business success and encourages businesses to constantly strive for improvement and advancement. By showcasing the achievements of innovative businesses in Auckland, the Excellence in Innovation category inspires others to think outside the box and pursue their own creative ideas. Overall, this category celebrates excellence, promotes innovation, and encourages businesses to embrace new ideas and technologies to achieve their goals.

Category Questions


Describe the innovation and explain how it is unique/original? How did you identify, research and assess its’ value with your existing or new cutomer base and what approach did you use to inform and implement your innovation?


How are you maximising growth and sustaining/enhancing the benefits of the innovation to maintain a competitive edge?


What perimeters and indicators are you using to track the success and measure the value of the innovation?


Describe any risks or challenges your business faced when introducing this innovation. How did you manage them? What did you learn?


Outline and explain other significant business achievements from the last 12-18 months (e.g. sales trends, sales figures, gross or net profit). What do you attribute these to?

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