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Excellence in Customer Service Delivery

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Entry Requirements

Excellence in Customer Service Delivery recognises a business that has achieved success by providing excellent and sustained customer service, and demonstrates its customer commitment via its service policy, employee training etc.

More about this category

The Excellence in Customer Service Delivery category is another prestigious category in the 2degrees Auckland Business Awards. This category recognises businesses that have achieved success by providing excellent and sustained customer service. The businesses who enter this category must demonstrate their commitment to customer satisfaction by showcasing how they are implementing effective service policies, providing ongoing employee training and taking steps to continuously improve their customer service delivery.

Being named a finalist for this award is a testament to a business’s dedication to customer satisfaction and its commitment to providing high-quality service to its customers. It acknowledges the hard work and effort put in by a business to build a loyal customer base by consistently delivering excellent service experiences. This recognition inspires other businesses to strive for excellence in customer service, which in turn fosters a culture of customer-focused service delivery across the Auckland business community. Overall, this category celebrates businesses that go above and beyond to meet and exceed their customer’s expectations, showcasing the importance of customer-centricity and service delivery in achieving long-term business success.

Category Questions


How would you describe the customer service philosophy of your business?


How does your business’ commitment to service delivery directly contribute to its success?


Explain how you identify your customer’s needs?


How are you engaging your team to deliver on your service commitment to customers?


What makes your customer service experience superior to your peers’/competitors?


Outline and explain other significant business achievements from the last 12-18 months (eg: sales trends, sales figures, gross or net profit). What do you attribute these to?

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