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About The Awards

Empowering Business and Celebrating Excellence.

Empowering business and celebrating excellence

The 2degrees Auckland Business Awards are a celebration of innovation and creativity in the business sector. For over 25 years, these awards have been a highlight of Auckland’s business calendar, bringing together businesses of all sizes and industries to showcase their talent, products and services, strategic thinking, marketing and customer service.

The awards provide an opportunity for businesses to gain recognition and celebrate their achievements, while also connecting with other business leaders and building valuable relationships within the business community.

At the 2degrees Auckland Business Awards, we believe that every business has a unique story to tell. Whether you’re a small start-up or a large established company, we want to hear about the innovative and creative solutions, your commitment to sustainability and your customers, as well the employment practices that you’re bringing to the table, and the impact that you’re making in your industry and community.

Through our categories, we aim to recognise businesses that are excelling in key areas of business excellence, from customer service delivery and community contribution to innovation and sustainability to marketing and strategic planning.  We believe that these categories represent the most important areas of business success, and we are excited to celebrate the innovative and impactful businesses who enter each category.

Join us in celebrating the exceptional businesses in Auckland’s business community at the 2degrees Auckland Business Awards!

For many entering is only the beginning

The 2degrees Auckland Business Awards are not only a chance for businesses to receive recognition for their hard work, but also an opportunity to gain invaluable insights from industry experts and benchmark their progress against their peers. Entering these awards requires dedication and courage, we celebrate those businesses who see these awards as an opportunity to grow success within their teams and applaud the commitment of all who participate.

Entering the awards allows businesses to celebrate their teams, learn from valuable feedback, and take an important step towards growth and success. And for many businesses, being named a finalist is just the beginning of a rewarding journey towards achieving their goals.

Every year, entries for the awards open in early April, and finalists are announced in August. Regional winners are then celebrated at gala dinners held in each region throughout October, November, and December. The awards culminate with the Best of the Best Gala Dinner in March of the following year, where the ultimate winners are announced.

Any business of any size located in the Auckland area is eligible to enter the awards, and there is no charge to do so. The Chamber is also here to help businesses get organized and submit a winning entry, offering a range of services including a podcast called “It’s kind of a big deal” with new episodes every week, entry support, and informative webinars on how to enter.

The Awards Process and Important Dates

April 15, 2024 – Awards Open

The entry period for the 2degrees Auckland Business Awards opens on April 15th, providing businesses in Auckland with the opportunity to reflect on their achievements as a business within the range of categories.

Creating an entry for the award is about more than just the business; it’s also about recognising the efforts of the team and the people who have been part of the business journey. Entries for the award are completed entirely online, providing convenience and flexibility for businesses during the entry process. Businesses can progress through the entry form, save it as a draft, and return to complete it at any time during the entry period. This flexibility allows businesses to take their time to reflect on their achievements, work as a team and present a strong case for consideration for the award.

July 8th, 2024 – Entries Close

Entries for the 2degrees Auckland Business Awards will close at 4.00pm on July 8th, and will then be in the hands of the judges. This is an important stage in the process as the judges carefully review and evaluate each entry to determine the finalists for each category.

It’s a thorough process that takes time, but businesses can expect updates via email about when the finalists will be announced. During this time, judges may reach out to businesses for more information or clarification. However, not all businesses will be contacted by a judge. It’s important to note that not being contacted by a judge does not necessarily mean that a business is not a finalist, nor does being contacted by a judge mean that a business is a finalist. The judges are carefully considering all entries and we will announce the finalists online through a live finalist function in August.

July, 2024 – Judges Visit

The 2degrees Auckland Business Awards has a comprehensive judging process that takes place between the end of June and end of August. Not all businesses will receive a judge’s visit during this period, and whether or not a business is contacted by a judge does not necessarily indicate their finalist status.

Finalists will be announced online in August, after which the judges will continue their visits into September and October to ensure that all finalist by the time they reach the gala dinner has been visited by the judges. During this time the judges are determining which businesses named as finalists willbe the category winner.

It’s important to keep in mind that this information may not be specific to the category you have entered or may be in reference to a combination of categories. This is also an opportunity for the judges to see other elements of your business to determine if you win your category, could you be the 2degrees Supreme Business Excellence Award winner.

August, 2024 – Finalist Announcements

The announcement of finalists for the 2degrees Auckland Business Awards takes place over three days at the end of August.  The announcement is made region by region, with the North & West region being announced first, followed by Central, and then South & East.

The announcement will be made during a live finalist function, which includes music by a resident DJ for guests to socialise with their teams. We suggest getting your teams together, gathering around a big screen, and enjoying each other’s company as you wait for the announcement of finalists. During the live finalist function, the top 6-7 finalists in each category will be announced in alphabetical order. You can tune in to the awards website or their Facebook page to watch the announcement on the following dates.

North and West – August 26th, Central – August 27th, South and East – August 28th

September – December, 2024 – Finalists Films In Production

If your business is announced as a finalist for the 2degrees Auckland Business Awards, the team will be in touch with you and provide you with a range of information ahead of the gala dinner. This includes your finalist logo, details about the process for producing your finalist film, gala dinners and more.

The 2degrees Auckland Business Awards has a dedicated video team who will come out to film you and produce a 30-second finalist video that will be played during your category at your regional gala dinner. The reason for keeping the videos short is so that businesses can also use them on their social media channels after the event. This is a great way to promote your business and share your success with your customers and followers.

October – December, 2024 – Announcement Of Winners

The moment of truth for the 2degrees Auckland Business Award arrives at the regional gala dinners, which are divided into three regions: North & WestCentral, and South & East. These dinners are a must-attend event for any business that has made it to the finalist stage, as the winners of the award are announced during the evening. But the gala dinners are not just about finding out who has won; they are an opportunity to celebrate with like-minded business leaders who share a passion for excellence.

The events are a chance to network, learn from other businesses, and recognise the hard work and dedication of your team.  Thanks to the generous support of the sponsors, the tickets are affordable, and attendees can expect a fun and entertaining evening filled with exceptional cuisine, music, and inspiration.  If your business is lucky enough to be crowned a winner, at least one person from your team must attend the gala dinner to accept the award.  Even if you don’t win, attending the event is still a great way to celebrate your success and build a stronger business community.

So, put on your party clothes, and get ready to enjoy an evening of celebration, entertainment, and networking with other outstanding businesses.

North and West – October, Central – November, South and East – December

December, 2024 – Judges Feedback

The judges for the 2degrees Auckland Business Awards are passionate about helping businesses succeed, and that’s why they offer feedback to every business that enters. After the regional awards have concluded, judges will provide feedback to each entrant based on the information provided in their entry. This feedback can be incredibly valuable, as it may highlight areas where your business is excelling or suggest opportunities for improvement.

Sometimes, judges may see potential for your business in a different category and encourage you to enter that category the following year. The feedback is designed to be constructive, and the judges genuinely want to help your business succeed. While they may not know everything about your business, they are experts in their fields and can provide useful insights based on their experience.

It’s important to remember that the feedback is meant to be helpful, not critical. It’s an opportunity to gain a fresh perspective on your business and potentially identify areas for growth. The judges volunteer their time because they want to see businesses in New Zealand succeed, and the feedback they provide is just one of the many ways they support the business community. So don’t be afraid to enter the 2degrees Business Awards and take advantage of the feedback provided by the judges.

March, 2025 – Best Of The Best 2024

The 2degrees Auckland Business Awards Best of the Best Gala dinner is the pinnacle of the awards program. It brings together the category winners who are the best of the best from each of the regions to celebrate the overall winners. The night is a glamorous and prestigious affair, with the top businesses in Auckland coming together to network, socialise, and celebrate their achievements.

The gala dinner features entertainment, 5-star cuisine, and an awards ceremony to reveal the overall winners. The highlight of the night is the announcement of the 2degrees Supreme Business Excellence Award winner, which recognides the business that has shown exceptional excellence across all areas of their operations.

The Best of the Best Gala dinner is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate your business’s success, network with other top businesses in Auckland, and be inspired by the success stories of others. It’s a night to dress up, enjoy the festivities, and celebrate the best of Auckland’s business community. The event is highly anticipated each year, and it’s an honor to be among the businesses that are invited to attend.

Awards Categories

Do you have a unique approach to customer service, have embraced innovation, or achieved outstanding growth and success? Don’t miss the opportunity to showcase your achievements and gain recognition by entering the 2degrees Auckland Business Awards.

With nine categories to choose from, there’s a chance for every business to shine. Whether you’re a small, medium, or large business, or specialise in strategy and planning, marketing, or innovation, there’s a category that recognises businesses that have excelled in specific areas. Not only will entering the awards provide exposure and prestige, but it’s also an opportunity to celebrate your team and connect with other business leaders, making valuable connections along the way. Don’t wait any longer – check out the categories and take your business to the next level!

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Meet Our Judges

The judges for the 2degrees Auckland Business Awards are business leaders from across New Zealand, including the judging convener, lead judges, and category judges. They have been carefully selected for their expertise, experience, and commitment to recognising excellence in business.

Although not all businesses will have the opportunity to meet the judges, the judging process is transparent, and all entries will be thoroughly and impartially reviewed by the independent judging panel. With their guidance and expertise, the finalists and winners of each category will be determined based on specific criteria. The judges’ decisions will be final, and all businesses will benefit from their expertise.

Meet our 2023 Awards Judges