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Excellence in Strategy and Planning

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Entry Requirements

Recognises a business that has achieved success from developing and implementing a long-term strategy/plan as well as setting measurable goals/targets.

More about this category

The Excellence in Strategy and Planning category of the 2degrees Auckland Business Awards honours businesses that have demonstrated exceptional ability in developing and implementing a long-term strategy or plan. These businesses have achieved significant success by setting measurable goals and targets and executing their plans effectively. They have shown that by focusing on their vision and adopting a strategic approach, they have been able to achieve growth and success in their respective industries.

This category acknowledges the importance of effective planning and execution in achieving sustainable growth and success in business. By setting measurable goals and targets and developing a strategic plan, businesses can stay focused on their objectives and make informed decisions that lead to long-term success. The Excellence in Strategy and Planning category recognises businesses that have successfully executed their plans, achieved their targets and made a positive impact on their industry. It celebrates the importance of planning, execution, and strategic thinking in driving business success, and inspires other businesses to adopt a similar approach to achieve their goals.

Category Questions


Briefly explain your business strategy, and explain the process and steps taken to develop and refine the strategy.


What decisions have been made, or initiatives introduced as part of your strategy?


How do you monitor progress and achievement of objectives against your strategy?


How do you communicate your strategy to stakeholders to ensure everyone understands what the business is working towards (this may include your employees, advisors, accountants, investors)?


Highlight your significant business achievements from the last 12-18 months (eg: sales trends, revenue, profit). What do you attribute these to?

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