Q. What is the date period for eligible projects to enter?

A. The Westpac Auckland Business Awards open on Thursday 1 April  and close at 5.00pm, Friday 24 June 2022.

Q. How can I view the questions before entering?

A. You can view the questions here or you can register your details under Enter NOW and create an account; you will then be able to view the questions for entry as we as the other requirements such as logo, bio, website address and supporting documents. There are an average of 5 questions per entry, so you do not need to proceed through multiple pages. There is no obligation to enter after registering.

Q. How do I learn more about the entry process?

A. We run complimentary category workshops which you can attend to hear form judges an past winners on their experience of entering the category you're interested in. You will get tips and information on what to include in your entry and how to bets showcase your business. 

Q. How do I log back in to work on my un-submitted entry?

A. Please log in. Once you enter your e-mail address and password, you will be taken through to your dashboard.

Q. I have tried to log back in through my awards and it is not recognising me

A. It may be that you have registered but not saved an actual category. Please log in through the ENTER NOW button, put in your email address and press proceed. Enter your password and it will then take you through to your filled in registration page. Press proceed and select a category. Ensure you save every 30 minutes when filling in your entry.

Q. I have tried to log back in and my entry has disappeared

A. When saving your entry to return later please ensure that you click "Save". If you have not clicked save you will need to log on through the "Enter Now" button.

Q. I have tried to submit my entry but the "Proceed" button will not work

A. Your entry may have timed out. We would recommend that you save every 30 minutes while going through the entry process. Alternatively write out your answers in a word document and then copy and paste your answers in to the correct question space. If you are leaving the page for any length of time please ensure that you click "Save".

Q. How do I enter more than one category?

A. Once you enter your email address and password this will take you through to the next page with any saved entries on. Click "Create new entry", this will then give you the full list of categories that you can click on and enter.

Q. What if the judges recognise we have a strength in another category, but I have not entered it?

A. If the judges recognise a strength in your business, and believe you should be placed within another category they can opt you in with the approval of the Lead Judges and Convener.  However you will not be notified of this until the Finalist Function announcements, and must have entered at least one category in the Westpac Business Awards.

Q. I am still having trouble entering

A. Please contact Natalie Woodbridge by email awards@chamber.co.nz or call 302 9910.


Q. Do I need to attend the Gala Dinner if I am a finalist?

A. Yes, if you are selected as a finalist you are required to have at least one representative present at the associated Gala Dinner, this is to ensure there is someone there to represent the business and to accept the Award if you are the winner.