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People’s Choice Assets

Get started by downloading your People’s Choice assets below

People’s Choice for the 2degrees Auckland Business Awards opened at 3pm on Monday 24 July.

As an entrant, get ready to be acknowledged and celebrated by those that matter the most to you – your loyal customer base.

It is all up and running and you are now welcome to post the link wherever your stakeholders and customers are. You can send it out in EDMs, share on your social channels and post on your website. Get your staff talking about it and use it as an opportunity to engage with your network and get your business going viral.  You never know who you might to business with as a result.

We have limited the number of votes per person to a total of THREE votes, however a maximum of ONE vote per entry.

Below are three links to the voting platform. Find the one relevant to your region and share it as far and wide as possible, encouraging your network to vote for YOU.

Insert these People’s Choice links on to the assets you download:

Download your People’s Choice assets

Email Signature




Display your QR code in your workplace for people to vote

North & West


South & East

Here are 5 tips to get started with People’s Choice!

Ask Your Friends and Family Members to Be Your Ambassadors

Your friends and family members might not be enough to win every vote for you, but they're still the best place to start. Your personal contacts are a powerful resource - don't underestimate them!

Overall, this creates a powerful ripple effect. With a network of people on your side, you gain votes more quickly than you think.

Tell your Social Networks

You can share or post about your People’s Choice profile on social media, however there are many ways to engage your network and to create loyalty which can turn into votes. Remember you might post it; however, it still requires your network to click on the link, find your business and vote for it to be counted.

We know that those who engage well with their networks are those who are great storytellers. If you are asking your network to vote for you perhaps share a story with with them, maybe tell them the reason you entered the awards in the first place, what you are proud of, or the business journey that you have taken.

Use Your People's Choice Voting Link in Your Signatures

If you are talking to people often and you don’t want to be subtle about being in the award, you could change your email signature to invite people to vote for you.

How many people do you email each day? Encourage them to vote for you by changing your signature to include a link to your People’s Choice entry. That makes every mail you send a little ad for your business.

What About Your Workplace?

This award is about recognising businesses who have achieved success based on those who matter the most. Your employees are included in that - you could put a flyer up in the break room, spread the word on the company intranet, or even have your People’s Choice entry included in a e-newsletter.

What Not to Do: Cheating for Votes

Our voting platform is smart and is based on IP address – it can detect bots, auto hotkeys, and many other forms of vote-rigging. When the system detects any unhuman behaviour, the system automatically revokes the votes placed.