Perrin's purpose is to accelerate creativity so that we think smarter and behave better as humans. It’s led to some great adventures: she cooked her way across Italy, filled Spark Arena with Lego, written a book, and built learning and design communities.

She’s taught IA & UX at New York University, done usability work with the Neilson Norman Group, trained with Jeff Patton in design led product delivery and with Keith McCandless on inclusive facilitation.

Most recently, Perrin is shaping and growing design thinking and doing(!) to ensure that Westpac NZ keeps customers and their journeys front and centre in their agile development work.

Steeped in the disciplines of design, learning, and culture, Perrin facilitates Human Centred Design workshops, coaches’ teams to design quality customer solutions at scale, and is a change master for shifting the cultural maturity of organisations towards customer obsession and making systemic change.

Excellence in Customer Service Delivery judge